Best Ways To Protect Against Computer Viruses

By Aminur Rahman

Some Universal Tips To Protect You Against Computer Viruses

  • Use a standard user account
  • Use the Highest User Account Control Setting (UAC)
  • Use an Antivirus with Web Security
  • Enable automatic update Java
  • Keep your Windows Up to Date
  • Use a Windows EMET (Enhance Mitigation Experience Toolkit)
  • Use a standard user account

Now the first thing is to make sure that your user account that you’re using every day is a standard account, not an admin account. The reason most computer viruses these days especially once the drive-by without any user interaction. It really requires you to be an admin to work properly.

So if you’re just a standard user and you don’t have admin privileges, which isn’t that big of a deal. Then it means that the virus is not going to be able to install itself. Or if it is then it means it’s not going to be able to easily hide in system files. So if you do have an antivirus program, it’ll be a lot easier to remove any virus you get.

So what you basically do is have an admin account that you create separately. And make it to a standard account. If you ever have to do something that requires admin privileges, it’ll simply ask you to type in the password. So this is definitely something I recommend doing. And a lot of people might say, “all that’s too much of a pain. I don’t need it”. But it really is beneficial. It because this is going especially protect you against even computer viruses.

User Account Control Setting (UAC)

You should have the highest User Account Control setting. It’s a little bit more annoying. But it’s definitely useful in stopping computer viruses from doing stuff and installing themselves when you don’t know about it. So if you are running a PDF or something. And then all of a sudden you get a pop-up from the user control saying that something’s trying to modify a system file. And you can deny that.

Whereas if you don’t have it set to do that then it might try to install itself. And you won’t even know about it. So that’s definitely something you should do a little bit more annoying. But definitely, something you need to do if you want to be secure on your computer.

Antivirus with Web Security

This one might become obvious but antivirus specifically one with Web protection. And the reason for this again is to block you from accessing computer viruses. You didn’t know were there. In the first place such as ESET NOD32, that’s what I like about it is that when you go to a website that might have a virus on them. If you click on it will block you from going to a completely. And now you don’t have to worry about it.

So I definitely think it’s good to have an antivirus. Most people say, “Oh… it’s common sense”. Well, sometimes you can’t afford it. You go and do a Google search for something. And you go to a website that’s been compromised. You didn’t know that. You just click onto throw Google. You want to have some sort of antivirus for those situations. Where you don’t know you’re even engaging in any risk behavior.

Java Security Settings

This is a really common piece of software. That you’re going to see a lot of computers. But a lot of times there’s new exploits coming out for invulnerability. So you want to make sure it’s really up to date. What I would do is make sure you have daily updated checks enables and also enable “notify me before installing”. So it automatically downloads and notifies you before installing not just before downloading.

That way whenever the updates ready you can just click on it and confirm the install. It won’t update automatically as far as I know. Now the real reason you want to do daily checks for updates is because of the zero-day exploits.

Keep your Windows Up to Date

I think it’s pretty obvious but I really need to include that enables automatic updates for Windows. I think of Windows 10, you have to enable it. But just make sure you enable security updates don’t put an offer too long. Because there are important updates to go through there. It will block vulnerabilities exploits that sort of thing. And it’s just important overall to keep windows up to date.

Windows EMET (Enhance Mitigation Experience Toolkit)

Finally, I want to talk about a really cool program called Windows EMET (Enhance Mitigation Experience Toolkit). Which is actually developed by Microsoft. Basically, what this does is protect against exploits. Now, what happens is you download the program, It’ll run and monitor all the programs you set there is a default list. I think that comes with a lot of ones like Acrobat, Microsoft Word that sort of thing.

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And then it has all these different exploits and knows about. If that program tries to run a file that has one of these exploits, it will block it. So a lot of times you’ll hear people say, “don’t open PDFs from unknown emails”. Because you don’t think of that as a virus but it can have exploits. That are not an actual virus program. But they take advantage of regular legitimate software to install itself as a virus. It’s not like an exe or anything. So I definitely recommend this program.

If you have any other suggestions definitely let me know.

Last Words

So I think that’s pretty much it. I hope you guys enjoy this and found this useful. If you did, do share it. And I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section.

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How To Fix Computer Registry Myself?

By Larry Hoezee

When we use the computer, files in the registry get scattered over the hard drive. It takes the registry longer to locate the files. Installing and uninstalling programs over time will cause registry errors which will affect the performance. Sometimes simple tasks like checking our email or pulling up a document can take longer than we expect. This is the reason it is important to fix computer registry errors.

Fix Computer Registry When Something Goes Wrong

The new computers today can sometimes save your computer from crashing. All you need to do is go to the system restore point on your computer of the date when you knew everything was operating efficiently. Select that date and click the restore button and the system restore brings your computer back to the earlier date when you weren’t having registry problems. If your computer is too far gone, because of too many errors and infections, this doesn’t always work.

Computer software designers build programs into the system to take care of different problems that can affect the computer. Keeping the registry fine-tuned is paramount. Many newer computers have a built-in program of all the operating systems programs and devices that may be able to be accessed in safe mode which will enable you to reestablish the computer registry again to full operation. You can access this option by rebooting the computer and start tapping the F8 key on the keyboard. Be careful what option you select so you don’t delete all your important programs.

There are many online software programs for antivirus infections, malware, adware, spyware and registry problems. These programs protect against threats, remove virus infections, and keep your computer running at peak performance.

More Efficient Way to Fix Computer Registry Files

You can fix computer registry files automatically in minutes; because there are much more efficient, powerful tools online than trying to do it manually. An efficient registry cleaner will fix the registry problems by eliminating dormant files that have no value and lead to nowhere, remove corrupted files, and replace these bad files with fresh new files. This will allow you to keep your computer programs and bring your computer back to new life. All you want done is to fix all the problems, as quickly as possible, in the least amount of time. A good registry cleaner will do that in minutes.

It’s hard to list all the problems that can affect your computer, as the list is endless! There are thousands of viruses on the internet that can corrupt your computer. Many corrupted files come from installing and uninstalling programs. Often you download a program that may come bundled with freeware which is one of the major causes of corrupted registry files. Freeware quite often comes with a virus attached.

Vendors Software Products to Fix Computer Registry

You can try registry cleaner software for a free scan by downloading their software if you have registry problems. If you think you have adware, spyware, or malware, you can download one of those products to find out if your computer is corrupted by one or more of the many viruses on the internet.

When you click on their blue link, this will take you to their landing page. There you will discover a list of current and past threats that are found on the internet, which are covered by the product, which could infect your computer. Download the software for a free scan on your computer and you will find out what viruses or corrupted files need to be fixed. A reputable vendor will give a 15-60 day trial period with a full unconditional money back guarantee.

Most businesses don’t have the luxury to sit back and wonder how to fix computer registry problems. They have programs installed into their systems to handle these problem areas or they have a technical person employed to handle these issues. They can’t afford to have their computers down and then have to wait for a techie to come in to fix computer registry files.

Ironically, these techies know better than to try and fix computer registry files manually. They have software programs they use to fix computer registry errors. The main difference is they charge much more! Their fees will more than triple the cost of a top registry cleaner. Why would you have a techie come in to do the same job you can do yourself in 3-5 minutes at a fraction of the cost?

A Word to the Wise – Always make sure you have a full backup of all your computer programs. It only takes a minute to backup the harddrive which is time well invested. A good registry cleaner will automatically backup your files!

Larry Hoezee

Easily download, scan, and fix registry problems within minutes. Remove adware, spyware, and malware. It’s simple, anybody can do it. You have 30 days or less to try the software with a full money back guarantee! Do you want to fix your computers corrupted registry problems? Click on the blue link above to go to the homepage and select the appropriate software to download for a free scan. Do it now!

Read a new post on fix PC registry problems, go to

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Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Refurbished Hard Disk

By Gauri Maheshwari

Being a primary decision to opt for, while storing data, a hard drive might sound to be tradition, but has its share of payback that is always there, fundamentally proven.

A Closer Look at Buying a Refurbished Hard Drive

While considering buying a hard drive, a refurbished option sounds simply great, easy on the pocket, while it solves your concern just like a brand new one. This is an ideal way to store unlimited data and low prices!
Buying a Refurbished Hard Drive would ensure that you save money. However, there could be a few things that need to be kept in mind as there could be risks of getting a faulty or a corrupt hard drive for that matter and you might end up blowing your bucks for nothing.

Size and Interface Matters!

There are various sizes and capacities available in the market that can make you save at large on the whole thing. In fact, if statistics are to be believed, then the lower capacity and small sized Hard Disks that make you save almost by 60% if you opt for the refurbished ones, while on the other hand even if you are looking for larger capacities, you can easily save up to more than 30% to be precise.

This goes on a general not, while the technology is expanding there are many new models that float in the market now and then. You can pick the one you require, and make it a point to get it thoroughly checked for your satisfaction and uninterrupted use.

How Great is the Performance of a Refurbished Hard Drive?

Even though we have been talking about the refurbishment all through, but do we know what exactly they are? Certainly, let us discuss a little further in the process called refurbishment. We often relate the term with being damaged, treated and then sold, right? But certainly, this is not the only case people sell their hard drives. Refurbished Hard drives are at times returned due to several other reasons like the owners might not like its shape, size, might opt for a larger or a smaller capacity.

Perhaps they might have gifted someone, and they don’t quite like it, and there are tons of reasons, they are sold again, as the shop owners can’t sell them new anymore after the seals are opened!

Pricing Concerns

Refurbished hard disk costs very low and it is easy to buy the hard disks in bulk at even more low price.


There are many aspects that must be kept in mind, and you shall be aware of them all!

• Check the prices offered to you
• Compare them with others around
• Compare the prices with new ones too
• Be a Smart Shopper and don’t get carried away by claims
• Go through the written prints
• Pick the right one that suits all your needs

If in case you are going on the web for the same, compare the prices on several others and also get in touch with the pricing on the new ones, so that you are aware of the difference while you decide whether taking a risk on that is worth it or not!

You might get some of the most captivating and lucrative deals around on the open market as well as online. But you must be vigilant and take care while placing an order to buy the same

Most of the []Refurbished hard drive and hard disks would come at a fraction of the prices and would be ideal to store your data for years to come! Just explore the market for Refurbished Hard Disk

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Features That Get Lost After Windows 10 Installation

By Balakrishnan Lekshminarayanan


The software behemoth has come out with the launch date of its latest operating system last year. The US-based software major has revealed all the new advancements in the latest OS Windows 10 for the benefit of the prospective users. After disclosing the advances the new OS has come out with, Microsoft also released the system requirements for the new operating system and features that are likely to get lost after its installation in a function. The interaction with the tech-geeks also revealed the way the new Windows 10 would behave while doing the OS upgrade.

Feature Depreciation in Windows 10

While interaction with the scribes from various tech-magazines, the officials of the software behemoth listed out the features that would be missing in the new operating system. In this article, we would be listing out the missing features when compared to those found in Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems across various editions. In their places, the new OS uses the software support from third-party sources.

1. Windows Media Centre: This feature is present in Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8.1 Pro. The customers using these operating systems would lose this feature when they migrate to Windows 10. They would have to install separate playback software to see the DVD content.

2. Desktop Gadgets: This feature appears in Windows 7. When the Windows 7 users move to the Windows 10, they would be missing this feature altogether. So such users would be missing games such as Solitaire, Hearts and Minesweeper. In new OS, these games would be replaced by Microsoft Minesweeper and Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

3. Floppy Disk: People using lower operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and Windows NT are in for another shock when they go for new version. They would not be able to use the floppy drives already present in their computers. In order to make them working, they need to extra drivers that detect these drives.

4. Change in Windows Live Essential. On migration from lower OS versions to Windows 10, people would see inbox version of OneDrive replacing the OneDrive application.

5. Contana: After the OS upgrade, the users will miss out on Contana from the first day. The company released the new version of OS with this feature only the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Spain and Germany initially for evaluation purpose.

6. Speech Recognition: The new OS requires high fidelity microphone array and a new hardware driver with exposed microphone array geometry for speech recognition.

7. Biometric Recognition: The new OS supports this feature only when a specialized infrared sensor is available with Iris detection facility and a fingerprint reader that comes with Windows Biometric Network.

8. Two-factor Security Authentication: The new OS does not support this feature directly. In order to make it functional, Windows 10 requires a fingerprint reader, illuminated infrared camera, or a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth supported phone and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

9. Device Guard: This facility only comes in Windows 8 operating system. It is not seen in Windows 10. However, we can add this utility in the new OS with the help of certain third-party software installation.

The Windows 10 operating system has certain ages-old features deprecated and removed. The users of Windows 7, Window 8, Windows NT are in for shock. Read this article to know these changes better. Visit the link

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Mini-Computers Vs Desktops – Which Ones Are Better for High-Performance Computing at Home?

By Zacharias Voulgaris

As you probably know, desktop computers have been around for a while, longer than any other kind of personal PC in fact. Over the past 35+ years they have diversified significantly, lending themselves to all sorts of use cases involving high-performance computing. These range from advanced data analytics to gaming to video rendering. The kind of desktops that are designed for this kind of computing definitely deliver what they promise and more. Nevertheless, they are plagued with the following issues:

High price. Conventional desktops are not very affordable when it comes to the models that can handle high-performance computing. Being able to accommodate multiple hard disks, RAM chips, and all kinds of specialized cards, makes their motherboards big and pricey.

High power consumption. Desktops are electricity hungry since they have to drive these cumbersome motherboards and oftentimes at least a couple of big fans too.

Noise level. As a result of the aforementioned fans, desktops tend to be quite noisy, particularly during warmer days.

Large size. Of course desktops are quite large, making them difficult to move and usually taking up a big part of a desk.

So, although desktop machines could deliver high performance, this comes at a price, making them a not-so-appealing solution for many individuals, especially those on a budget. Mini-computers, on the other hand, could address the majority of all the above disadvantages. Specifically they are:

Inexpensive. These PCs are as simple as it gets, making them efficient in every aspect. This translates to a lower cost, even with high-quality parts such as an solid-state disks. Today you could buy a mini-computer for less than $400 at certain stores.

Very eco-friendly (low power consumption). Mini-computers generally don’t consume more than 20W, with most models’ consumption being around 15W and a few of them as low as 12W. This equates to a tiny carbon footprint and a lot of savings on electricity over time.

Silent. Modern mini-computers don’t have any fans and their parts don’t have any moving components, making them as quiet as your smartphone or tablet. This is due to the state-of-the-art heat sink technology that they employ.

Compact in size. Utilizing laptop technology, mini-computers are able to deliver a lot of computing power making use of very small parts. This makes them light, compact, and easy to move.

In addition, mini-computers are:

Fast when it comes to storage memory. Mini-computers rely on solid-state disks, a technology that is the fastest available when it comes to storage (significantly faster than MMC memory). This allows for fast overall performance and high reliability.

Easy to upgrade. Mini-computers are just like desktops when it comes to upgrading. Just pop up the cover and change whatever part you want. Everything is merely a couple of screws away and doesn’t require advanced know-how to accomplish.

Secure. Oftentimes mini-computers are mounted on monitors, usually hidden from plain sight. This, along with the fact that they are easy to place on a concealed location (e.g. inside a keyboard tray) makes them quite safe from thieves.

All this makes mini-computers an excellent choice for high-performance computing and a great investment overall.

Today you can buy mini-computers from a variety of vendors. However, none of them offer the quality and support that TechnologyPoint does. Also, this e-commerce site’s prices are really hard to match, which their compact PCs come with a software bundle that will make your experience with these amazing machines even better.

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