Improve Your Computer’s Efficiency

By Sandford Tuey

Do you notice that your computer is running slower or taking longer to process data than it did when you first purchased it? Do you rely on your PC to get most of your work done? Isn’t it frustrating to wait for your laptop to process loading websites or to download a new application or program?

The best way of improving your computer’s performance is to get Max Pro Tech to solve common problems to get you back into enjoyable speedy performance.

Slow Computer

It is a common problem among Windows and Apple users. Some of the reasons behind a slower running computer include a corrupted registry, unnecessary programs, hidden cookies, spyware and fragmented data. You can easily get your speed back by having Max Pro Tech remove programs you don’t use anymore or add applications to clean the registry and run disk defragmentation software.

Computer Freeze

Viruses are a fact of operating a computer these days. Malware infections are on the rise and can lead to a frozen system. Computer hardware can also lead to this problem. Be careful when clicking on links you are not familiar with or may be suspicious of. Having Max Pro-Tech install anti-spyware, a firewall and antivirus software ensures you will always be updated and secure. We can also check hardware drivers for recent versions and uninstall components should you suspect the problem is hardware related.

Unexpected Turn Offs

Are you experiencing unexpected computer turn offs or shut downs, you could have bad cable connections or an inadequate power supply or even a defective battery. If your PC overheats, it is likely to shut down to be able to cool down. Max Pro-Tech can ensure cables are connected properly and check the cooling fan plus we will remove dust and clean. No matter if you are using a laptop or PC, you should check the battery regularly as it may be time to have it replaced.

Printing Failures

Should you need to print documents from the web but find that your computer won’t print Max Pro-Tech will figure out the problem. It could be that the document you are trying to print is password protected or not printable because you have turned on a pop-up blocker.

Weird Noises

There can be strange vibrations or buzzes coming from within the computer casing. They are usually a result of failed or failing hardware. Component problems may cause noises due to a lack of ventilation. Our technicians will clean the fan or replace should it be necessary. Removing dust to ensure the air inlets are free of obstruction will extend the life of your computer. You may need to uninstall and reinstall sound drivers or replace the sound card.

Difficulty Getting Online

Software or hardware router errors and network misconfiguration are common problems we can fix. Max Pro-Tech can also check your firewall and network connection so you can reboot the router when necessary.

If you have a computer problem we can correct it.


Free Antivirus Software You Can Protect Yourself With

By Varun Kumar

1-Amiti free Antivirus

Amiti free Antivirus is a program that supports scanning and it has 4 different types of scanning, including the one that can currently check the viruses that are currently running in the memory. There’s a tool included that can be used to quickly clean all the files to free up its disk space. There aren’t a lot of settings or options, but it does monitor the scanning files automatically and supports updates to its database. Amiti Antivirus also provides some constant virus protection, called resident protection, for free. Works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and, XP.

2-Comodo free Antivirus

This Antivirus is from the Comodo security solutions and is another excellent program, easily one of the best Antivirus options. This Antivirus protects you from so many threat services, as many of them on this list do. Comodo Antivirus also utilizes some other technologies to make the process silent but still effective. Comodo Antivirus works with Windows 10, 7, 8,Vista, and XP.

3-FortiClient free Antivirus

It is an Antivirus, firewall, parental control, optimization, a program that’s powerful enough for a business to use. Also referred to as “threat management” tool. FortiClient is really easy to set up, automatically updates its virus definition files, full system scan once per week, all about you ever having to worry about it. Manage all clients from a single console. FortiClient supports WindowsXP and newer Window Operating System which includes, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and can also run Mac OS X.

4-UnThreat free AntiVirus

UnThreat AntiVirus offers standard malware protection, including the threats via e-mail. UnThreat didn’t try to install extra software during the installation process, nor any of the browser settings changed. UnThreat AntiVirus provides constant protection, also called on access or resident protection. This totally means that UnThreat Antivirus can replace antivirus software from companies like McAfee and Norton. Advantages of the UnThreat AntiVirus include its automatic updates, quick download, and install, email protection, scheduled scans. UnThreat officially supports these operating systems – Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP and may work in others too.

With so many best AntiVirus available, you have no excuse for going without protection.And you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is all you need. After all, Windows Security Essentials/Defender is just about the easiest antivirus application to use and get to grips with, and it’s mostly invisible in the way it operates.

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